NFL Films Presents : The Timeline (3 interviews)

NFL Network presents a new documentary series The Timelinefrom NFL Films, the producers of NFL Network’s hit franchise A Football Life. The Timeline features six, hour-long episodes chronicling seminal moments that formed the NFL’s storied past, shape the present and, in some cases, set the stage for the future.  Ken Rodgers is an Emmy Award-winning supervising producer for NFL Films. 

I spoke with Ken about this new series, & his role at NFL Films. 

Then, a week later, Ken  makes a 2nd appearance.  This time, on the day his new film for ESPN's 30 for 30, Ken joined me on 790 The Ticket in Miami to discuss "The Four Falls of Buffalo." 

The 6th and final episode of the series was called "America’s Game and the Iran Hostage Crisis".  It re-airs Tuesday, January 19 at 8:00 PM Eastern, one day before the 35th anniversary of the hostages’ release. America’s Game and the Iran Hostage Crisis is produced by Smokehouse Pictures, narrated by George Clooney and directed by Tate Donovan. Tate is the final special guest on this post. He is an accomplished actor whose film credits include Argo, Love Potion No. 9, & Seth's children's favorite Hercules. He also has been on TV with the O.C., Friends, (of which Seth makes special mention).

For more info on NFL Films & The Timeline, check out this link. 

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