Meet Wrestling Champion Adeline Gray

Disclaimer - This is NOT about fake Wrestling.  This is the real deal. And I met the #1 Female Wrestler in the world.

Adeline Gray is a two-time World champion, and is currently ranked No. 1 in the world. She has been a top international star since high school. She has four World medals (2 gold, 2 bronze) and also placed fifth in her first Worlds. She was in a non-Olympic weight through 2013, when she moved up a class. Adeline dropped down to 63 kg in 2012 and was second in the Olympic Trials. She is a Denver native, daughter of a Denver police officer, from a close family. Her sister Geneva was also a wrestler. She came right to the Olympic Training Center after high school. Gray has won World titles on the Junior, University and Senior levels. She goes into the Olympic year as the most recognizable and successful U.S. women’s wrestler, and is a great interview.