Exclusive: SF Giants All-Star Catcher Buster Posey on Sportsblog

Recorded the day after San Francisco Giants Rookie Chris Heston pitched a no-hitter vs. the New York Mets, Buster Posey made an appearance at the TOPPS Baseball Card offices in downtown Manhattan. I spoke with Posey in an exclusive interview about his role as a "Face" of MLB, & a review of the Giants 2015 campaign.

The no-hitter was the third for catcher Buster Posey, tying him with several other backstops for the second most in Major League history. Jason Varitek of the Red Sox holds the record of four, having caught no-hitters by Nomo, Derek Lowe, Buchholz and Jon Lester during his career in Boston. Posey might have gotten to four as well, but he started at first base while Hector Sanchez started behind the plate for Lincecum's last on June 25 against the Padres.