Eric Young Jr, Atlanta Braves OF, is now on Sportsblog!

Welcome my man Eric Young Jr. to Sportsblog!  2nd MLB player to join this great group!  

I’m very excited about the upcoming season…2015 with a new organization, the Atlanta Braves.

I’m very thankful for this new opportunity, provided by the Braves, especially after being let go by the Mets during this offseason. It’s an interesting situation now being with a division rival, but I’ve always had a lot of respect for the Braves organization and how they go about their business. And now I’m excited to be a part of it.

I wouldn’t say that the offseason was a stressful time, more of a waiting game, the unknown. There was more anticipation than anything getting ready for the upcoming year by training and getting my body ready for the upcoming season. The only question at hand was…for which team?

Once I got the phone call, it was a relief, knowing where to set my sights, where I get to call home for the next 6 months, which cities I’ll be playing in and which teammates I will be playing with. Once you get the phone call, all those things start rushing into your head.

I am very thankful for my time with the Mets. From my viewpoint, they put me on the map. In Colorado, I was a backup player, where there wasn’t a lot of notoriety being in a smaller market. Once I got to New York, I got a lot of playing time my first year, as well as winning the stolen base title. A lot more eyes were viewing me.

It was also a chance to play back at home for one of my local teams and have my family see me play on a daily basis. So I am really thankful for my time with the Mets; they really catapulted my name in this game.

The Braves were a mutual decision. I had other options, but the Braves were the best fit as far as my opportunity to get on the field and play. You want to weigh all your options and choose the best fit that will allow you to get out there and showcase your talents. Going into Spring Training, the Braves were that for me. Plus, I already had respect for the Braves organization. Knowing them and playing them a bunch made the decision a lot easier.

So, how do I plan on using SportsBlog? I’m looking at it as a platform to get my voice out there a little bit more. I feel like I can connect with a lot of people this way, and by using this platform, I will be able to inspire and encourage a lot of people. I think that’s the best thing you can do when given this kind of opportunity: try to reach as many people, encourage and inspire. I am looking forward to being able to reach more people at one time and encouraging them to live their dreams and go for what they believe in.

I am on Twitter @EYjr, and I love getting feedback from fans. I check daily, and I’ll get into a mood where I’m just start responding to fans for a couple of hours. For the most part, fans are very encouraging and send me encouraging messages. If I see what someone else is going through, sometimes they say the words that can help me through my particular situation.

And I can help them get through their situation just by sharing my thoughts and it can really have an impact, which personally makes me feel great. Maybe my words can help somebody head in the right direction. If you can encourage just one person a day, then you are doing the right thing…and that can make the world better.