Scientific Theory behind Tommy John Surgery Epidemic (Exclusive Interview)

Buddy Biancalana is a recognizable name to anyone in my generation.  I'm 41, and I had Buddy's baseball card.  He played in the 1985 World Series, a highlight of his 5 year MLB career.

David Letterman fans remember when he had the "Buddy Biancalana Countdown Clock" back when Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb's hits record.

Since retiring in 1987, Buddy and his partner Steve Yellin are the co-founders of PMPM Sports and use their knowledge and studies of Perfect Mind-Perfect Motion to help athletes bring their game to a new level. Biancalana has unique theories about the recent rash of injuries.  He claims that the rash of Tommy John surgeries can be prevented with mentality.  He also thinks this process can turn pull hitters into ones who can hit to the opposite field.

There are certainly detractors from his theory, but i love the open conversation & certainly respect the opinion.  Listen to it here:

Follow Buddy Biancalana on Twitter @bbiancalana.  His company, PMPM Zone Sports Training can be found here.