Daniel Murphy, Homosexuality, & Sports: an Interview with NBC Sport Radio's Jason Page

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Let the record show:  Until Tuesday night, I never said 1 negative thing publicly about Daniel Murphy.  I had many opinions, but always discussed him objectively, and covered him professionally.  Tuesday night, he volunteered anti-homosexual beliefs to a group of reporters in the clubhouse, after GM Sandy Alderson invited former big leagueer Billy Bean (NOT the A's GM) who is now MLB's Ambassador for Inclusion.

I feel that Murphy's comments were offensive, and even though he tried to be as PC as possible, he offended me as a baseball fan.  

Jason Page is a host on NBC Sports Radio.  I've known Jason for years.  He's also an openly gay man.  That's only relevant to put some context to this interview, which was a frank discussion on Murphy's comments, and how they would affect a gay baseball player, who is currently in the closet.

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