The Business of Sports: Exclusive interview w/Forbes' Maury Brown

The worst kept secret is that sports is big business. I've been a huge proponent of Sports Business coverage.  It fascinates me. There are great people who cover this area of sports.  One of them is an old friend named Maury Brown.  In addition to being a contributor at Forbes, Maury is the founder and president of the Business of Sports Network, a consulting and analysis firm which includes the The Biz of Baseball. Through the Business of Sports Network, research and analysis has been done for several clubs in MLB and the NBA, as well as work at a pro league level.

A few years ago, Maury & I hosted a podcast on his Biz of Sports site.  He has been on many of my radio shows & is a go-to guy in the Sports Business Community. 

We recorded this clip to discuss a recent Forbes story he is working on regarding the MLB Blackout rule.  We also discussed the recent Super Bowl, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, & Sports Broadcast  rights recent explosion.

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