Saying Goodbye to 2014

Happy New Year from my crew to yours!
Happy New Year from my crew to yours!

I hope everyone reading this has a safe and healthy New Year’s Eve. This holiday never made any sense to me. Tomorrow we will all feel exactly the same, and finally the world can get back to work. Growing up, this was the only day I ever watched College Football. Now, the only sports I consume is the NHL’s Winter Classic, a truly amazing event. This was an interesting year for me. Biggest thing? Conquered Lyme’s Disease, and am now down 17 lbs. on a new detox/cleanse program. Getting my health back! And will be on MLB Network in January.

Tonight I’ll be with friends, keeping 1 eye on Syracuse Basketball hosting Cornell and the other on my New Jersey Devils who are in Detroit. I figured a fun thing to do is to show some of my long-going opinions, and get in the mood for some fun debate in 2015.

Here we go:


1. Baseball

1a. Hockey

3. Football

4. College Basketball

5. Tennis

6. Golf

7. Badminton

8. Ping Pong

9. Shuffleboard

10. Billiards

11. And WAY down the list…. NBA Basketball (can’t say that will ever crack the Top 5)

MLB Ballparks

1. Safeco Field

2. Coors Field

3. Citizens Bank Park

4. Petco Park

5. Nationals Park

AT&T Field in San Francisco is gorgeous, but they get undo credit for water that they didn’t build.  Pittsburgh is also great, but I’d make it more of a Top 10. I’ll rank all 26 that I’ve been to in 2015 here on Sportsblog.

My Favorite Athletes (People I’ve met & people I’ve never met)


Ken Griffey Jr.

Eli Manning

David Wright

Jay Feely

Jimmy Rollins

John Elway

Josh Beckett

Lou Piniella

Vic Black

Torrii Hunter

Athletes I admire but never had a personal relationship

Ichiro Suzuki

Peyton Manning

Martin Brodeur

Don Mattingly

Whitey Ford

Lou Gehrig

Drew Brees

Victoria Azarenka

That was fun. Not really scientific, but there is a story for every name and place there. All to be told next year.

Anyway, Happy New Year! Here’s to great things in 2015!


Seth Everett