Introducing "TickAssure!" (+ Promo Code: RADIO)

I do this podcast called Sports with Friends because I love talking with friends in the industry. And sometimes I have friends of friends on the show, and I call those guests part of "Jewish Geography." Todd Armstrong is a new friend that you will all want to know. He is the Founder/CEO of TickAssure.

I see people on Social Media always going to big sporting events. However, I also see many complaints about people that can't afford to go.

The secondary ticket market has become a broken market. Unaffordable ticket prices have become a barrier to access for “average fans” at championship sporting events. But I do think that market is strong, there just needs to be a way for tickets to become affordable.

TickAssure has developed TickAssure! Ticket Protection Plans, a forward-thinking solution that ensures “average fans” access to championship sporting events. TickAssure! offers one-of-a-kind price indemnity products for college and professional sports with patent-pending processes and a structured solution to overcome the problem that arises when market factors cause tickets to championship events to skyrocket and price out the most die-hard fans.

Listeners of this podcast can use the PROMO CODE : RADIO for 10% off Plan Purchases. It's a cool idea, I'd love to hear what people think.