This is NOT an Ordinary Blog

Today I begin my new partnership with the amazing Sports Blogging site, Sportsblog. I want to thank all the great people from Sportsblog for welcoming me to their team. This blog is going to be a great platform for insight, analysis, multimedia, & some new surprises, all things I do! When I found out how easy it is to upload audio & video interviews, I knew this was something to get involved in.

There is a stigma about blogs, and how the perception is that I’m a “fan blogging from my basement.” This is not that kind of blog. My posts will come directly from the front lines…. I’ll be posting stuff from the ballparks, studios, & all the great locales my career path will take me. Also, my basement is a playroom for my kids, and there will no blogging from there.

The only slant I might have, is that I tend to talk more about teams that I’ve covered/worked with more than other teams. So I might discuss the Denver Broncos, New York Mets, or the Seattle Mariners over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Lakers, or Manchester United. (Wait, I do have some ties to Arsenal, that might be something to talk about.) I should say that I also tend to focus a lot on my alma mater, the Syracuse Orange football & basketball, but only if the team’s actions warrant attention. And there is my beloved New Jersey Devils, the only professional sports franchise I simply root for since they came to New Jersey the same day I did in 1982.

I’ve had great blogs in the past. Does anyone remember the Stayin’ Hot blog with Darryl Hamilton, or the CBS Philly blog when I worked with that team. Those were great experiences, and I’m sure this one will be great as well. So many great athletes and sports personalities have used Sportsblog to connect with their audience. I’m honored to be part of that team.

Welcome to my new site, and hope you will check out some of the other great blogs while you’re here. As always follow me on Twitter @Seth_Everett. See you on the internet!