Ken Griffey Jr. EXCLUSIVE Interview

Ken Griffey Jr is the newest member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. In the closest pursuit yet toward a unanimous choice in National Baseball Hall of Fame balloting, Griffey Jr. missed by only three votes of a perfect score in the 2016 balloting. Of the 440 ballots submitted, Griffey was named on 437, which accounted for 99.32 percent of the vote, the highest plurality in the history of the election that dates to 1936. The previous record holder was Tom Seaver, who was named on 98.84 percent of BBWAA ballots in 1992.

For years, Griffey has claimed to have made my career. Hear is a video from 2006 and 2008 where he staked that claim.

Then, on Wednesday, January 7, 2016.  I landed an exclusive interview with Junior. The podcast has more when he met with reporters and his father, Ken Griffey Sr. showed up.

Congratulations to the man who made my career.

An amazing baseball player.  A better person.